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 As a dedicated life sciences consulting firm, SomaTech helps enterprises meet the latest compliance standards while attaining business objectives. Our team evaluates client operations, identifies areas for improvement and executes customized solutions. SomaTechs’ hands-on approach ensures that an enterprise’s operations and facilities will have a pathway to compliance success and business growth. 

About Soma Tech

Medicine is great need of today, tomorrow and forever. As long as human life is progressing on this planet, healthcare is a essential basic need. STS aims to contribute to life science industries to develop innovative and effective health care products. 

Soma Technology Solutions (STS) is a leading global Life Science Solution provider. STS helps and aids in translating the bench-optimized research to bed-side clinical therapy. We offer wide range of unique, cutting-edge initiatives designed and customized to client's special needs. All solutions are in compliance to FDA guidance.

STS helps to innovate health care products by bringing the precise expertise together to channel intellectual thinking to create customized solutions to translate an idea to a product and market it globally. STS aims to deliver seamless, secure, high quality, innovative integrated technology solutions with integrity and excellence. 

With over 30 years combined research, therapeutic and management experience, our network of consultants offer an expert customized solutions to our partners and clients across a range of areas, from translational laboratory research to pre-clinical and clinical development and manufacturing. STS provides customized tools and technologies for today’s most advanced and innovative R&D in healthcare. STS houses broad array of capabilities starting from initial concept to market release. Our conventional quality assurance systems and design systems ensure that your product meets your specifications and is in-compliance with regulatory guidance. We offer wide range of solutions to meet your ever-demanding needs to aid in the path of your successful product development. 

STS provides comprehensive consulting services with customized solutions focused areas of interest: pre-clinical studies, product development, process development, clinical manufacturing, risk assessment and management, quality assessment and management, data analysis and management, market analysis, FDA submissions and interactions. STS also provide solutions from unique packaging concept to innovative ways to revolutionize your therapy to help stand out. 

With ever increasing competition, cost, and with ever changing-technology, delivering on time can be very challenging. STS provides aggressive solution aligned with latest industry guidelines and regulation for client to develop quality product with in-time approach. 

Work with STS for customized solutions from concept design, research and development, and validation—through to clinical translation and commercialization of product. We provide incomparable tailored solutions to meet your needs and provide guidance through the regulatory roadmap for advanced biologics, medical devices, drugs, diagnostics, cosmetic and food.

Our Motto - Your success is Our Success!!!



SomaTech focuses exclusively on compliance strategies for life sciences companies. Since our founding, we have remained up-to-date on the changing standards for the biotech, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and medical device fields. Through our insights and experience, we enable organizations to achieve compliance while remaining competitive and profitable.

Our consulting services provide more than a theoretical approach to regulatory standards. We deliver actionable, practical, and realistic strategies designed to fit a client’s needs. Our team of industry leaders work in collaboration with our clients to implement business, quality, and compliance solutions. 

STS for You 24/7

Whether you want us to work for you or help you with your current projects or employees in-house, we can help! 

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve your business performance and provide resources for a successful business strategy.

Our Vision

STS vision is to become global leader in technology solution provider. 

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations. 

Our Mission

​STS mission is to help companies move forward into the future. 

STS aims to deliver seamless, secure, high quality, innovative integrated technology solutions to provide next generation of productivity gains with integrity and the relentless pursuit of excellence. . 


Our Solutions

 STS aid to enhance productivity!!!  

Running a business means being prepared to meet every day challenge with efficient solutions. STS offers customized and designed solutions that involve elegant, cutting edge technologies to manage businesses in more efficient way.

Meet the leadership Team

Chief Executive officer

 The founder and CEO has over 20 years of life science research experience. 

Responsible for leading the company to provide innovative solutions to life science industry that are efficient and effective. 


  The President has over 30 years of life science industrial experience.  

Responsible for the client service delivery, growth and overall performance of the company, leads an experienced team of industry professionals. 

vice president

 The Vice-President has over 25 years of administrative experience.  

Responsible for all financial, human resource, administrative functions and operational oversight for all  divisions.